Social Security Disability for Autism

Social Security Disability For Autism

If you or a loved one has Autism then you may be able to apply for social security disability.

Before you apply, you should make sure you have ample medical documentation to strengthen your claim. In addition, your Autism Spectrum Disorder must meet the Social Security Administration’s criteria for benefits.

Here are some tips that you can use to help you work on getting disability payments.


Can You Get Disability for Autism?

Yes. The Social Security Administration lists Autism as a qualifying disability under entry number 112.10. They define Autism spectrum disorder as documented deficits in social interaction, verbal or non-verbal communication, and repetitive behavior or interests.

If all three of these symptoms are documented in medical records, the Social Security Administration decides if the disorder severely limits function. The person must have severe limitations in two of the following:

  • Understanding, remembering, or using information;
  • Focusing on activities;
  • Interacting with others; and
  • Adapting or managing oneself.

If you or a loved one meets these limitations, you may be able to get disability for Autism.

Do I Apply for SSDI or SSI for Autism?

The Social Security Administration allows you to apply for SSDI or SSI for Autism. In general, children with Autism qualify for SSI if their family has low income. The SSI for Autism income limits vary from state to state. You can read more about the Social Security Administration’s financial eligibility requirements here.

SSDI for Autism is only available to adults who have a work history and paid Social Security taxes. They must also be unable to work due to their condition.

It can be difficult to get social security for Autism, especially since each state has its own rules. If you need SSDI or SSI for Autism, consider hiring a disability advocate to help you apply for benefits.

Get A Disability Benefits Advocate

Get a disability benefits advocate to help you out with this process or at least try to find a social security claims specialist. When you want to work with a disability advocate, you’re going to want to find one that has done this kind of work for people in the past.

Call an advocates office and ask the staff there if they do a lot of work for people with disabilities. If they don’t, then you need to work with GAR Disability Advocates because you need to be sure that your advocate knows what they’re doing.

Paying Your Disability Advocate

If you decide to work with a disability advocate, then they need to be paid. However, you don’t have to pay them out of pocket if you’re applying to get disability.

Advocates understand that you don’t have much money because you can’t work, so many charge on a contingency fee basis. This means that they usually take some money from the back pay that you get from social security. In addition, you owe them nothing if the Social Security Administration doesn’t approve your application for SSDI or SSI for Autism.

Get Professional Medical Help

Find a professional to diagnose you and keep notes on your condition that can be shared with social security when you’re trying to apply for disability payments.

You want your doctor to know that you have autism and that it causes you to not be able to work in most environments. If you’ve done a little work in the past and it didn’t last long, that also looks good because it shows that you can’t work.

Either way, you need proof that you’re disabled so be sure you’re working with a mental health professional and/or a doctor.

Be Prepared to Wait

Know that disability takes a long while to get in most cases so you’re going to have to find a way to survive until you can get it. But, you don’t want to work a full time job or you’re going to prove that you are able to work and then you’re not going to be able to get disability payments.

If anything, find someone in your family or find a friend that you can live with for a while. Then, you can pay them back for helping you out when you get your back pay from the disability office.

GAR Disability Advocates Helps You File for SSDI or SSI for Autism

You now have an idea of what it takes to get social security disability for Autism. If you need help applying for SSDI or SSI for Autism, contact one of our disability advocates today. At GAR Disability Advocates, we help you every step of the way, from filing the initial application to representing you at the disability hearing.

We also work on a contingency fee basis. If the SSA doesn’t approve you for benefits, you owe us nothing. Call one of our case specialists today at 201-591-1521 or fill out our free evaluation form.

Need Help Getting Your Disability Claim Approved?

If you or a loved one need help getting your disability claim approved, contact a GAR Disability Advocate today for a free consultation.

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