Social Security Disability for Bone Spurs

How To Apply For Social Security Disability For Bone Spurs

Bone spurs most commonly happen with the hands, spine, knees, shoulders, and feet. It might be surprising but there are quite a few people who have bone spurs but don’t know it until they go in for something else and an x-ray shows they have the condition. Once the bone spurs start rubbing ligaments, bones, nerves, or tendons it can cause a great deal of pain and ultimately make it difficult to do certain movements. Here we’ll cover facts to see if you can get Social Security disability for bone spurs.

Disability for Bone Spurs

What Type Of Symptoms Do Bone Spurs Cause That Would Be Disabling?

Which symptoms a person will experience is dependent on where they have developed a bone spur. Fingers, as an example, will develop bumps on them if they have this condition. It is quite likely that the person with bone spurs on their fingers will find that they have some limitation with their hand and regular pain. If you develop bone spurs on the knees it could mean that they don’t move well. When you do anything that requires bending it will likely be painful and the degree that you can do so will be limited.

If the spurs develop in the hip it will cause pain in that area. It will usually mean that a person is unable to move as well in that area of their body. This means the person with this condition in the hip will find it more difficult to walk and they will have pain when doing so. It will likely significantly reduce their ability to walk for more than a short distance.

If someone has bone spurs in their shoulder it will not only cause pain, but also limit the movement of the shoulder. It might even lead to a tear in the rotator. This will further cause pain and will also add to limitations in the movement of the shoulder.

If bone spurs occur in the spine it can cause the canal too narrow. This can mean that nerves get pinched which then causes the legs and arms to become numb and weak. This then leads to a person who is no longer able to do as much physically as they once were able to.

Are Bone Spurs An Eligible Condition For Social Security Disability?

The main requirement for approval to get disability with this condition is to show sufficient proof that the bone spur is on a joint that causes chronic pain and instability. There needs to be visible destruction on the joint that can be shown with medical imaging. You will need to show how the bone spur prevents you from walking properly or from the regular use of your arms.

If you are making a claim because of the bone spur on your spine, then you’ll have to show that it has damaged the nerves in your spine. This means that the nerve has to be compressed which then limits the movement you can make. It may also cause you to have reduced reflexes and you may have numbness in your body. In order to have the best possible chance of being approved, it’s always recommended when possible that you get the assistance of an attorney at law or an advocate that can help you walk through the steps of getting your Social Security disability.

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