Breast Cancer

Social Security Disability for Breast Cancer

Facts About Social Security Disability For Breast Cancer

Research tells us that breast cancer is likely to manifest itself on 1 in 8 women in the United States of America. It is one of the most popular forms of cancer in the US.

A condition that worsens as time passes by is referred to as a progressive condition. Persons with such conditions can be classified as disabled. Due to the pervasiveness of this form of cancer in the US, the Social Security Administration lists it as a potentially qualifying disability and a disabling condition. This means that people diagnosed almost unquestionably qualify for disability benefits if the cancer is at an advanced stage.

Disability for Breast Cancer

Cost Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment is not a cheap affair, especially if you don’t have insurance. More often than not, the diagnosis of breast cancer requires radiation and/or surgery. Many more will need chemotherapy. The drugs are even more expensive. In one year, it is estimated that breast cancer patients spend around $100,000 on medication.

Inability To Work

This type of cancer can severely affect your performance at your workplace. The treatments involve surgery and radiation and could leave you in a great deal of discomfort. Fatigue, depression, pain, headaches, memory loss, and mood swings are what you are likely to experience after these treatments, and it could render you unable to work. For one to have a successful claim on disability benefits, it must have made you unable to commence with any substantial gainful activity.

Qualifying for Medical Benefits with the Blue Book

The SSA uses their guide to assess the conditions when they get applications for disability benefits. This book is referred to as the Blue Book. In this guide, breast cancer is listed under Malignant Neoplastic Diseases in section 13. Basically, for a person to get benefits for breast cancer, it must have reached stage three or above. For this to be possible, your test results must satisfy any of the following conditions:

Breast cancer at a late stage.

Any cancer that begins in the epithelial cells.

Small-cell malignant tumors that originates from glandular cells.

A cancer that reappears despite undergoing treatment.

Breast Cancer And Compassionate Allowances

In a situation where the claimant is in dire need of aid, the SSA will accelerate the application process. While you usually would have to wait for more than five months to be approved, the compensation allowance will expedite significantly.

For breast cancer to qualify for Compassionate Allowance, it must be of an advanced stage and satisfy one of the following conditions:

The cancer is incurable.

The cancer has resurfaced even after anticancer therapy.

The cancer has started to spread dangerously.

Qualifying for Benefits Without Meeting a Medical Listing

In some case, your cancer does not have to be advanced for you to qualify for benefits. If your medical records and documents can prove that you will be unable to work for more than 12 months, then you stand a chance for approval.

Winning a disability claim is not a walk in the park; it is good to have a disability advocate for breast cancer by your side.

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