Colon Cancer

Social Security Disability for Colon Cancer

Facts About Social Security Disability For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and falls under the category of cancer of the large intestine when applying for social security benefit. The most common treatment for this type of cancer is surgery alongside chemotherapy. The stage of your cancer is important when you are applying for social security disability.

Disability for Colon Cancer

Can You Get Disability?

If you have colon cancer, you will generally be automatically granted disability, but only if the cancer has progressed past a simple and operable tumor. If surgery can remove the tumor, you may not be automatically eligible for disability. There are certain criteria used by social security to determine automatic eligibility.

To meet these criteria the colorectal tumor that is adenocarcinoma must be recurrent, inoperable or unresectable. Automatic eligibility is also possible when the tumor is a squamous cell carcinoma which has returned after surgery. If the lymph nodes closest to the tumor have been affected, you will also automatically be approved for disability.

What If Your Cancer Does Not Meet These Criteria?

If your cancer does not meet the criteria for automatic approval, you can still get disability. This will be based on your ability to return to work or complete a full day of work. The Social Security Administration will look at your capacity to work based on the limitations your cancer or treatment has placed on you. This is called the residual functional capacity.

To determine your RFC, social security will look at any limitations documented in your medical records. Once they have assessed the information, your RFC will be used to determine if you can do your old job or a new job with your limitations. Social security will also check if your RFC stops you from working in any type of job in the current market.

It is important to note that social security could determine that you can complete some form of work. In these cases, you will not be eligible for disability. If you feel that this is an incorrect assessment, you can contact the SSA for information about appeals.

The Standard Requirements For Disability

While it is important to know what the requirements are for disability based on your colon cancer, you should also know the standard requirements that you need to meet. These standard requirements will be considered if you are not eligible for automatic approval. Social security will review your documentation to determine if you meet these criteria.

The first requirement is that you are unable to work because of your colon cancer and this is inability must last for at least 1 year. You cannot earn more than approximately $1,200 per month and you will need to qualify for specific disability programs. These programs include SSDI and SSI.

Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and can result in automatic approval for disability. If you do not automatically qualify, you can get disability if your cancer or the treatment makes it impossible for you to return to work in any capacity.

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