Social Security Disability for Osteoarthritis

How To Apply For Social Security Disability For Osteoarthritis

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a government-run program funded by social security taxes for individuals who, due to medical, psychological, or mental health issues, are unable to get or keep gainful employment. Any person with a sufficient history of Social Security payroll tax payments who is considered to be disabled by the SSA (Social Security Administration) may be eligible for disability benefits.

Disability for Osteoarthritis

In order to apply for SSDI benefits certain provisions must be met including:

– Earn a salary of more than $1,220 per month
– The condition has rendered you incapable off working for at least 12 months
– Possess a sufficient history of work credits (generally, a total of 40 credits is required, 20 of which must have been earned during the ten-year period before the disability started. The maximum amount of credits that can be earned in a year is 4 and the minimum earning amount is $1,360. For example, if a person has worked for at least five years in the past ten years they will be able to meet the technical qualifications required for eligibility. There are certain exceptions for younger applicants who may be allowed to qualify based on the work records of their parents.

Social Security Disability for Osteoarthritis

You may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if a diagnosis of osteoarthritis has impacted your ability to work. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease caused by the gradual loss of cartilage, a debilitating condition that can worsen over time. The progressive degeneration of Osteoarthritis is classified into 4 stages from Stage 0 with no joint damage to Stage 4 with the most severe and advanced form of Osteoarthritis. It is further classified into primary and secondary osteoarthritis.

Primary osteoarthritis is most often caused by stress placed on weight-bearing or weakened joints with symptoms of pain and discomfort. Secondary osteoarthritis symptoms normally stem from a separate condition caused by injury or other diseases such as inflammation.

The symptoms of pain and joint stiffness caused by osteoarthritis may prevent you from carrying out your work, which means that you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Osteoarthritis can be very painful as it attacks the joints and limits the ability of a person to function normally. Osteoarthritis is a comorbid condition as it is both expensive to treat and can cause disability to the extent that a person is unable to work. About one-third of expenditure for osteoarthritis is spent on medications and about half of the direct costs of the disease are contributed to hospitalization.

Do You Need a GAR Disability Advocate?

Applying for disability benefits can be a confusing and daunting process. Because of all the possible complexities involved, it can be difficult to negotiate the process and the best thing you can do to ensure a successful outcome is to have the right legal representation. A disability advocate will be able to help you present your case in an appropriate manner to the SSA to ensure that it receives the due consideration it deserves. Statistics show that the majority of first applications to the SSDI are denied and over 80% of cases that are appealed also fail. With legal representation, you will be given the assistance you need to prepare and submit the correct paperwork and any additional documentation required to ensure that your case is properly presented to the SSA. And if your case has been denied you will be given the right professional advice on how to proceed further.

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