Social Security Disability for PTSD

Can You Get Social Security Disability For PTSD?

What do you need to do to get social security disability for PTSD? PTSD is a condition that can make it impossible for you to deal with working so it is something that disability will cover. But, you have to meet the right conditions for social security to work with you.

Disability for PTSD

First of all, you have to be able to prove that you have PTSD if you want to get disability payments that help you cover your bills and anything you need to purchase. This is why you’re going to want to go see a psychiatrist and a therapist so you have a record of what you’re going through. You can’t just decide one day that you think that you have this condition. A professional is going to have to diagnose you so that way there’s proof that you are disabled and need the help of social security to live your life.

It’s a good idea to work with a disability advocate that can help you get things in order for you to get disability payments. One thing you have to remember, however, is that you’re going to have to pay them out of the back pay that you get from the government. But, if you don’t have their help then you’re going to have a hard time winning your case because you won’t know what to do if you are denied. When you have help, even if you get denied they can help you with an appeal or two so you still have a chance.

When you’re disabled, it can be hard to work on getting all of the paperwork in order that you need to get approved for disability. This is why you need to work with an advocate that can collect the evidence you need to get approved. If you are asked to sign something so that your records can be sent to your advisor, then you need to do so right away so you can get them to proof they need. The longer you wait to to get things in order, the longer the social security office will take to approve you.

You’re not going to get disability the first time you try a lot of the time. This is especially true if you have a mental condition because they are going to need a lot of proof before they will grant you any benefits. The good news is that even if you are denied the first couple of times, you can keep appealing and eventually they will work with you. Think of it as them filtering out people that are not serious and then you can see that if you take it seriously and keep working with them you will eventually get help.

You now know more about social security disability for PTSD. This is a condition that a lot of people have from traumatic events they have gone through. If you have PTSD and cannot work due to it, then make sure you work with a disability specialist to get things started for you.

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