Social Security Disability for Sciatica

Facts About Social Security Disability For Sciatica

It’s quite common for someone who has sciatica to wonder if it qualifies them for being able to receive Social Security disability. T

his condition is caused because the sciatic nerve becomes irritated. It can be quite excruciating as it shoots pain through the buttocks area and down one or possibly both legs.

Disability for Sciatica

In most cases, it’s more likely to affect one leg rather than both. Here we’ll take a look at the facts about social security disability for sciatica.

Can I get Disability For Sciatica Through The Social Security Administration?

Despite the fact that sciatica can be quite debilitating, it is fairly unusual for it to qualify for disability through SSA. The primary point that would have to be proven is that the condition is severe enough that it prevents you from working. If it does and it could be sufficiently proven then you may be eligible for disability through SSI or SSDI.

The Social Security Administration would have to see if you were able to do your job or not because of sciatica. If they concluded that you could still work then they would deny your claim.

If they felt sufficiently enough that it would be too difficult for you to continue doing your job then they would still want to decide whether or not there was other work that you might be able to do. If your level of education or your skillset would allow you to get another job, then they may still turn your claim down.

To make this determination the Social Security Administration will do a report or assessment called an RFC. This report demonstrates your ability or lack of ability to exert yourself in a sedentary, medium, and heavy work environment. They would then decide on how much impact sciatica had on your ability to do various types of work. As well, if your doctor has restricted your physical activity to something that’s completely sedentary or has limited your ability to stand or walk to only an hour or two a day, then this might meet the requirements.

Will The SSA Consider Amount Of Pain Caused By Sciatica?

The main determination that they will do is to see if the pain itself impacts a person’s ability to do the work they need to do. The problem is with whether or not the pain can be sufficiently documented. This usually requires having medical records that are consistent and thorough that address the pain experienced by the individual.

Some of the issues that they will look at with how the pain impacts your life are things such as, are you able to participate in normal daily activities. They will also consider whether or not you are able to do things at the same level of intensity and frequency as before you began experiencing the pain. Medication that you are taking and that has been prescribed to you for the pain will also be considered.

Do I Need a Disability Advocate?

When it comes to getting an application for disability for sciatica approved it is something that would require sufficient evidence that it is affecting the person’s life enough and that it meets the qualifications required by the Social Security Administration. If it is not done correctly or sufficiently then the claim would be denied. It would be highly recommended to get the assistance of a social security disability advocate to help with the process of this application.

Need Help Getting Your Disability Claim Approved?

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