Core Values

Our Core Values

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Our employee values are well established within our model of service to our clients. Each value is an integral part of our corporate culture, performance evaluations, and employee recognition programs. At GAR Disability Advocates ™, we take pride in offering our clients the highest in customer care.

We set aside egos and focus on our clients’ challenges and goals. We are considerate and understanding of others’ needs, and we stay grounded and focused on serving our clients as a team.

We regard honesty above all else. We reinforce the value of a strong moral character by working in an unbiased and transparent manner that earns trust from those around us. Our motto is to always “do the right thing.”

We are passionate about the services we offer to our clients. We believe that these services deliver value. We remain focused on achieving successful benefit outcomes for our clients.

We see challenges as opportunities. We are solution-oriented and focused on eagerly serving our clients. We promote positive energy and spread enthusiasm through our interactions with our clients and our colleagues.

We recognize that the drive to learn is a key to personal and organizational growth and development. We seek continuous improvement in all areas of work and life. We recruit open-minded and self-motivated team members who are committed to investing in themselves.

We believe that our success is a direct result of our ability to innovate through change. We challenge ourselves to continuously improve by thinking in new ways, making connections, and generating solutions.

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