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Alabama Disability Claim Advocates: When collecting  Social Security Disability monies, you may want to hire an advocate to help you. More often than not, when you go it alone, your claims do not end with the result that you would hope for. Three of the main reasons to hire a disability advocate in Alabama to help you with your social security disability claims include the fact that many initial claims are denied, the attorneys are familiar with these types of cases, and they are more likely to get you the better amount of money with your claim.

Denied Initial Claims in Alabama

When you file a claim for Social Security Disability in Alabama, more often than not the initial claim is denied. With the help of a disability advocate, these claims are not typically denied the first time around. If they are, the advocate can make sure that the following claim goes through the way it is supposed to and you get what you need from it.

Familiarity with Disability Claims

In addition to being able to help with the initial claim for Social Security, a disability advocate in Alabama is going to be familiar with such cases. This means that the disability advocate will know what needs to be done in filing a claim as well as what the following steps will include. Having an GAR Advocate to guide and help you through the process can make all the difference in your experience in filing a claim for social security disability.

Get You More Money For Your Claim

Social Security Disability in Alabama
Social Security Disability in Alabama

On top of knowing what to do and how to get you through the process, a disability advocate may be able to get you more money from your claim than if you were to complete the process on your own. With their experience, you cannot go wrong when it comes to the compensation that will be coming your way. Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding your case. There are different degrees of disability and you need the assistance of your advocate to prove that you are fully disabled and can no longer work. The medical evidence comes from doctors. If you have a doctor that has been treating you for your ailment, the lawyer will ask for information for that doctor as well as any others you have seen. If you don’t have a doctor, or there is not enough evidence from your current doctor, the Social Security Administration will usually send you to be evaluated by one of their doctors. While that will not do much to provide a medical history of your sickness, but it will give a current testament to your medical condition and how it affects your daily life and ability to make a living.

While a disability advocate may seem to cost more money or seem like an unnecessary hassle, in the end, it is just the opposite. With our GAR Disability Advocates fighting on your side for the compensation that you want, need, and deserve, you can have the claim settled faster and receive more money than you would have otherwise. If you have questions about how to file a claim for Social Security Disability, make sure that you speak with an experienced Alabama Disability Claim Advocate.

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