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Everything You Need To Know About Social Security Disability Claims in Alaska

Alaska Disability Claim Advocates: Are you a resident of Alaska who has not been able to work in the last year due to illness? If yes, you may be eligible to get Supplementary Security Income or Social Security Disability insurance benefits. Both these federal programs offer month cash payments if you qualify.

How to apply for Social Security Disability in Alaska

It is essential to have all your medical records ready before applying for disability benefits in Alaska. Some of the things that you should have handy are

• Psychiatric or medical treatment records
• Your proof of earnings like salary slips from past employments
• Details of your health condition that stopped you from working in the last one year.

There are three ways to apply for a Social Security Disability claim in this city:

• Visit the website of Social Security Administration, fill out the online form, and attach all the necessary documents.
• Call on the toll-free number of Social Security Administration, 800-772-1213, to register your claim.
• Visit the local Social Security office and file your claim in person.

Whichever option you choose, it is essential to attach all the medical and employment records with the application form. Once you send it across, the Alaska Disability Determination Services will take over your case. They will also send your documents to the labor and workforce development department in Alaska so that they double-check and review your claim thoroughly.

Disability according to Social Security Administration

Social Security Disability in Alaska
Social Security Disability in Alaska

The Social Security Administration has several rules and regulations when it comes to determining the level of disability. You will only become eligible if your health conditions meet the criteria set by the authorities. Firstly, you shouldn’t be able to engage in any work that becomes your source of income. Your medical reports should specify that you are mentally or physically impaired to work. Also, you can only file for this claim after 12 months of complete unemployment due to your illness.

• If you are temporarily or partially disable and already enjoying benefits from other federal programs, you cannot apply for Social Security Disability claims.

• Your doctor’s opinion about your health condition is insignificant. Although the reviewer will go through your medical records in detail, a disability evaluation specialist will also check your health. There should be clear indications through medical tests, symptoms, and other findings that prove you are really unable to work.

• The medical documentation you send while applying for Social Security Disability must meet the requirements from Disability Determination Services. This helps them to evaluate the severity of your health condition, your functional restrictions, and your expected duration of disability.

Once the Disability Determination Services department checks all your documents, a claim examiner will finally go through the paperwork. He/she will finalize whether you are eligible for the benefits of Social Security Disability claims.

Usually, the Social Security Administration office mails you a written decision. Those who qualify start enjoying the benefits from the following month or from the specific date mentioned in the letter.

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