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Understanding Social Security Disability Claims In California

California Disability Claim Advocates: You’ve often heard about SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance before, and never even thought that one day you’d be needing it. However, due to uncontrolled circumstances, you find yourself needing assistance and don’t know where to begin! Being faced in this situation is often frustrating and emotionally-wrecking, which is why we have laid out everything you needed to know to learn more about Social Security Disability Claims in California.

Who Is Qualified To File For A Claim?

According to the Social Services website of the California department, there are numerous categories and situations wherein one can apply for disability claims in CA, and if a person has been diagnosed to have a permanent disability that inhibits the applicant to work in either his/her current job or even prevents that person to work on a new job similar to the previous occupation, then this one can apply.

The Social Security Administration has what they call as the impairment listing manual, or commonly referred to as the blue book, lists different kinds of impairments that will automatically qualify an applicant so they can be awarded for their claim. Take note, though, however, that even if your disability or impairment isn’t listed in the blue book, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not qualified. It just takes a longer process. If you want to make sure that you’re going to be awarded with your claim and win this battle, working with a disability claim advisor can make this process less daunting and easier on your end.

The medical conditions listed in the blue book may include but are not limited to:

– Cardiovascular conditions such as coronary heart disease
– Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy
– Musculoskeletal issues including back disorders
– Cancer
– Immune system disorders including AIDS, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
– Mental disorders such as autism, depression, or schizophrenia

The Process For Filing Social Security Disability Claims in California

The entire process is pretty straightforward. The first step to take would be filling up an initial disability application. You can get this either from the local SSA (Social Security Administration) office. Alternatively, you may also hop online or get on the phone to have this filled up. Once the application form has been completed and received, this will be then forwarded to the Disability Determination Service Division for assessment. This is where a disability examiner will carefully assess your living conditions and see if you are qualified to receive disability benefits.

The Easy Way To Process SSD Claims in CA

While it’s possible to go through the entire process yourself, hiring experts and experienced individuals in this field may help you speed up the process and make sure that you’d be granted of your disability claims. Going through the disability alone can be a frustrating thing to worry about, and having disability advocates and professionals assist you makes the entire claim process a breeze. Working with these professionals can take off the heavy burden of worrying about the entire process. They can also help you get the maximum payout for your benefits. You will be assisted in every single aspect of the process, and they’re the ones who are specifically aware on the best practices so you can get your claims and receive an outcome in your favor.

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