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Disability Determination Process in Iowa

Iowa Disability Claim Advocates: Every year thousands of residents in Iowa apply for their Social Security Disability benefits. However, most of the applications get rejected in the initial application process. According to reports, more than 70% of the applications to the Social Security Administration get denied during the initial stage. In most cases, the applicants fill out the application form incorrectly, while others don’t meet the health requirements set by the Social Security Administration. However, that shouldn’t dent your plans if you have a genuine health problem.

Disability determination in Iowa

The Disability Determination Services and the Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services decides whether you are eligible for social security disability benefits. Some of the benefits that you can opt for are:

• Supplemental Security Income
• Social Security Disability Insurance

You can apply for any one of these federal programs. If you are already enjoying benefits from any federal program of Iowa, you can’t apply for either of these.

Better futures for disabled Iowans

The Disability Determination Services in Iowa helps disabled people to receive their disability benefits. They also try to offer rehabilitation services that improve the mental and physical condition of the Iowa resident. According to the reports of the Social Security Administration Regional Commissioner, the Disability Determination Services of Iowa have 95.7% accuracy and is responsible for clearing over 41,000 disability claims.

In addition to determining disabled individuals, they also look into wounded warriors and military casualty cases. They have a team of specially-trained staff to determine the medical condition of the wounded warriors. If they are incapable of working any further, they become eligible for social security disability benefits. However, their cases get more preference because they are servants of the country.

Applying for benefits

Anyone who is physically injured and not been able to work for the last 12 months is eligible for social security disability benefits. However, you need to meet all the medical requirements according to the Social Security Administration.

• Applying online

Go to the Social Security Administration website and visit the disability page. Here, you will find a list of medical specifications that you need to compare with your present health condition. If you meet most of them, you have a case; if you don’t, your application may get rejected. Also, you can only apply for Social Security Disability Insurance if you are doing it online. There’s no option to file for Supplemental Security Income.

• Over the telephone

Call the toll-free number (800) 772-1213 to apply for either Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. The Social Security representative will ask several questions about your health, the doctors you went to, and many other things. If they are satisfied with everything, they will ask you to submit the necessary medical records to proceed with the application further.

• Visit the social security office

Iowa has several social security offices where you can meet a representative in person to apply for your disability benefits.

Whichever application process you choose, the claims examiner will go through your records and question you further regarding your condition. The process is lengthy. So, have patience.

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