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Understanding How Social Security Disability Claims Work In Kentucky

Kentucky Disability Claim Advocates: If you’re a Kentuckian and are living with a long-term disability inhibiting your ability to do work, you can hugely benefit from Social Security Administration programs. There are basically two SSA programs that are made available to Kentucky residents claiming disability benefits. The qualifying requirements of the programs differ a bit, but some applicants may be eligible for both.

1. The Social Security Disability Insurance: This is a federal program that gives disability benefits to applicants who have accrued sufficient amount of credits as per the SSA Trust Fund. It states that you must have worked in Kentucky for at least five years out of the past ten years. People who qualify for Social Security Retirement benefits are most probably also eligible for SSDI benefits.

2.The Supplemental Security Income: This particular program gives monthly payment installments to low-income earners who have limited assets. Claimants of this category may also benefit from things like food stamps, housing assistance and medicare via Medicaid.

How To Apply For A Disability Claim In Kentucky

You can submit your application at the SSA Kentucky field office in person, make a toll-free phone call to 800-772-1213, or you can make your request online at You can choose whatever process is easiest for you. The initial decision concerning your application is made by Kentucky’s Disability Determination Service (DDS) overseen by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) who review the application before forwarding the final decision to the SSA.

Qualifying For Disability Benefits

For you to be considered eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits, there are basic requirements you have to meet first. One is you must be a resident in Kentucky. Other things to consider when applying include:

# Review SSA’s Definition Of “Disabled”

The SSA has its own Blue Book of conditions that fit the profile of what they deem to be disabling. They will judge your medical condition with regard to their medical requirements to determine if you’re unable to hold a job. For you to prove your inability to work, your condition must have rendered you incapable of performing previous roles or doing any other sort of job. The disability is expected to last for more than a year and/or result in your death.

# Check To See You Fit Their Evaluation Procedures

For you to qualify for a disability benefit, the SSA must be satisfied that meet their criteria of a disability. Questions asked during the evaluation process, which will be used to make disability decisions include:

–Are You Currently working? Even if you’re capable of working, you may still be considered disabled when your monthly salary is less than $1090.

–Do you have a severe impairment? The SSA considers any physical or mental impairment to be severe if the condition is preventing you from performing normal work activities.

–Is your condition in the SSA listing? The SSA has a list of medical conditions they deem to be disabling, and if you equal that profile, your claim will be automatically approved for expedited processing.

For you to qualify for a Social Security Disability Claim in Kentucky, hire a professional disability advocate to ensure your application is done right the first time around.

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