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Why You Need Representation For Your Social Security Disability Claim In Louisiana

Louisiana Disability Claim Advocates: If you’re a Louisiana resident and can’t work due to an impairment or illness, you may be suited for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits or even both if you meet the profile. For you to be eligible for SSDS, you must have attained a specific number of ‘work credits’, whereas the SSI operates on a needs-based program. To build a strong case for your hearing, it’s highly recommended to get the services of an experienced disability advocate.

Benefits Of Having Representation

When making your Social Security Disability claim, it can be integral for your case if you have a disability advocate by your side. It’s not a requirement the SSA imposes on its applicants, but it will for sure, be affordable and easier to seek the services of a legal representative. For most applicants, it can take up to two years for you to start receiving disability benefits. The process is quite lengthy and thus the need for a disability expert to accurately complete the paperwork and ensure they are submitted before deadlines. Any mistakes will only result in unnecessary delays, but with an adept advocate, you can trust they will deliver your deserved financial aid package.

Representation During Hearings

If your Social Security Disability claim is declined, you’ll most definitely have to go to a court hearing when making your appeal. Since the advocate is acting on your behalf, you may not be required to attend the ALJ hearing. However, your case may need to make a testimony and show proof of your inability to work and disabling condition. Your statement, coupled together with a disability advocate justifying your claim, can only result in the judge giving a favorable ruling.

Experience That Matters

An experienced disability advocate has most probably helped out thousands get disability benefits every year. They are fully aware of the strict disability standards set by the SSA and know precisely how to navigate the murky waters to get approval. The experience means they have rubbed shoulders with the ALJ office several times and are thus virtually knowledgeable about virtually all the disabling conditions and you to get approval for most of them.

In the event the ALJ denies your appeal during the hearing, things get a bit more challenging and will involve having to appear before the Appeals Council Review for them to determine whether the ALJ made a mistake from where the decision can either be overturned or upheld. An advocate can assist you navigate through your legal choices.

In Louisiana, 58% of those who make disability applications at the initial stage are denied, a decision that takes 3-4 months from where you’ll have 60 days to appeal. Finding a Louisiana disability advocate to guide you through the lengthy legal processes can play to your advantage. Disability advocates generally operate on a contingency plan, meaning that if you don’t win, they won’t get paid. This should give your advocate more motivation to do their job well and get the job done. Having a professional on your side will for sure give you an upper hand every step of the way.

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