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Social Security Disability Claims in Michigan: Things You Need To Know

Michigan Disability Claim Advocates: Out of the 6 million people living in Michigan, approximately 4.8% of those currently receive social security disability benefits. Additionally, at this time, there is also a large backlog of applicants waiting for a decision on their social security disability claims in Michigan – around 50,000 per year. This isn’t because of the slow system, but a large bulk of those applications are usually denied on the initial process of their claim.

If you have found yourself in a situation needing SSD benefits, don’t be baffled by the numbers above. You’re already under so much stress, and filing for disability claims should be the least of your concerns. Here, we’ll talk about the entire process and what we can do to ensure that you’ll go through the entire process smoothly and get favorable results.

Getting Started: Filing For SSD

There are multiple ways to get this done. You can either apply online through the Social Security Administration (SSA) website, over the phone at (800) 772-1213, or you may personally visit the office if you’re capable of doing so.

Filling up the application form is just an initial part of the process. You also need to make sure that you have prepared all the necessary documents and information to support your claim. This may include your earnings from your past employment, the reason why you’re unable to work, as well as the physical, medical, or psychiatric treatment coming from your doctor, along with their information. To keep the entire process short, make sure that you get these documents ready during the filing process.

As soon as you have these submitted to the SSA, they will then forward your application to the Disability Determination Services. Someone from the Michigan Department of Health Services will carefully assess your application and decide whether your application is approved or rejected.

In the event that your application has been rejected, you can always apply for reconsideration, though it may be a rigorous process. This is why it is crucial that you get everything right initially so you can get through the entire process faster.

Is There Anything Else You Can Do To Prevent Rejection?

Other than ensuring that your documents are complete, you may also want to seek assistance from a social security advocate in Michigan. These are experienced professionals who are familiar with the entire process and will help you with the entire application from start to finish. They will be assisting you from the very first step up to the last one to ensure that your application is complete.

Going through your disability alone is frustrating enough. You can take the burden off by seeking help from these advocates to help you determine what you should be doing next, all throughout the entire application process. The approach we use are pretty straightforward – we make sure that we watch out for your interest, and give you updates on your case as soon as we get one.

Applying for Social Security Disability Claims in Michigan isn’t something that you should dread for – with the right people to help you out, you can get through this process smoothly, and be able to receive the benefits to help support you and your family financially during these tough times.

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