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Social Security Disability Claims In The State Of Minnesota

Minnesota Disability Claim Advocates: Minnesota has a resident population of over three millions with thousands of Minnesotans filing new Social Security Disability claims every year. With more than half of initial disability benefit applications declined, ensure you keenly fill out your details correctly.

If you are a resident of Minnesota and suffer from a disabling physical or mental condition, making you unable to work, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits or Social Security Disability Insurance or both. All disability claims begin with an initial application. And you can do this in person, via telephone, or apply online at ssa.gov. Here’s how to file Social Security Disability in Minnesota.

Check to See If You’re Qualified

Not everyone claiming for disability benefits will get it. You must have met certain medical criteria as listed in the SSA impairment listing manual, commonly referred to as the blue book. It contains a number of both mental and physical impairments that qualifies a person for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. For you to get any disability benefits, you must have met the following general requirements.

– The disability is hindering you from performing your routine tasks or any other meaningful task
– Your Social security statement must have accumulated enough work credits that qualify you for SSDI.
– The disability has been diagnosed to persist for more than a year and likely result in your death.
– These benefits are only meant for low-income people. Your monthly income should be low enough for the qualification of either SSDI or SSI. You’ll have to show proof of income via insurance policies, bank statements, and investment income documents if any.

Gather Medical Information

The final decision made by the Social Security Administration (SSA) will heavily be based upon your medical records and information. The statements and questionnaires made by all your doctors are very crucial in your disability claim. So ensure you are close and friendly with your doctors for them to write a positive review concerning your case. What they say can go a long to finally receiving the social security disability benefit you deserve. The SSA will require you to provide them with the following information:

– The addresses, names, and contact information for each hospital, doctor or clinic that has previously treated you.
– Dates the examinations took place and their corresponding results.
– Patient identification number
– Names of medications that were prescribed and the pharmacies bought from.

Work History Information

This will be used to determine whether you can perform other roles. In the event you can, then your Social Security Disability claim will be denied. You provide all the jobs titles you have operated under for the last 15 years and a brief description of duties performed.

Minnesota is somewhat favorable in their approvals with initial disability claims having a 34 percent approval rate as compared to the national average, which is 32.1 percent. There are currently 18 SSA field offices in Minnesota, 1 office of Disability Adjudication and Review and 1 Disability Determination Service office. So if you need any help or have any questions about the application process, contact any of the relevant listed Disability offices for clarification.

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