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Social Security Disability Claims In Mississippi

Mississippi Disability Claim Advocates: Did you know that out of the two million people living in the Great State of Mississippi, more than 7% receive Social Security benefits? Thousands of Mississippi residents make Social Security Disability Claims every year with the number of applicants growing each year.

Due to the massive backlog the SSA receives, the agency has partnered with Disability Determination Services (DDS) an agency in Mississippi to assist in making Social Security Disability decisions. The office manages claims made from all 23 SSA offices in Mississippi.

How Does The Social Security Disability Program Operate?

Claims made by applicants through the SSA are forwarded to the DDS who evaluate the application for disability benefits. The DDS has examiners responsible for getting your vocational and medical evidence, which they will use to assess the claimant’s allegations as per SSA criteria. The Disability Examiner(s) are objective and will determine your case concerning the information provided in your records and file.

The DDS has its Medical Unit that’s staffed with psychological and medical consultants who weigh heavily in providing expert opinions concerning the claimant’s functionality capacity. After a decision has been made, a recommendation is rendered to the SSA.

How Do You Prepare Evidence For A Disability Claim?

If your claim has the slightest mistake, it may result in your application getting denied, which means you will have to start a lengthy appeals process. The long wait times to get a hearing before the ALJ are as a result of the massive backlog at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) offices. This can have you waiting for at least two years to get a disability hearing. Here’s how to make sure you have a solid case the first time around.

1. Review SSA’s List Of Impairments

Before making an application to get disability benefits, you should first read what SSA considers to be disabling. The SSA has a list of disability impairments and injuries that it has deemed to be significant enough to impair the ability of a person to work. To save you the stress of the disability process, check to see if your condition is on their list.

2. Have Your Medical Records

The SSA expects you to submit all your medical records. Also, you must sign a medical record release form that will grant them access to any additional medical records they may require. The SSA also requires you to submit a complete list of all the medical practitioners’ contact information and if possible, to the date you met. Your medical condition must limit or impair your ability to sustain a job.

The SSA Disability program has massively benefited residents with disabilities by providing them with economic freedom. This makes it more manageable to the family and also plays a role in the economic fabric of Mississippi. If you’re denied a disability claim benefit, you don’t have to worry since the decisions made are all subject to appeal and review. Given how complicated and lengthy the appeals process is, it’s best to have a qualified Mississippi disability advocate by your side.

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