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Understanding The Process For Social Security Disability Claims In Missouri

Missouri Disability Claim Advocates: During a person’s working life they are required to pay into the social security system. When someone works for a company as an employee then this money is automatically taken out of their pay. When they are self-employed then it is something that they are required to take out of their earnings. If someone becomes physically or mentally disabled then they are allowed to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. Here we’ll take a look at the process for making Social Security disability claims in Missouri.

What Does SSDI Offer?

Through this program, a person who has been determined to be disabled and that meets the criteria set by the Social Security Administration can be approved to receive monthly payments from the program. If it is determined that your disability makes you eligible for these benefits then it is not necessary to demonstrate you have financial need to qualify because it is an insurance program provided by Social Security. Getting monthly payments from this program does not mean that your financial circumstances have to fall below any amount.

What Is The Process For Getting Benefits?

When someone in Missouri has become disabled and they want to collect Social Security benefits for their disability they will need to apply for it. This can be done by going through an online application process or you can visit an office near you. If you are uncomfortable doing the application online and it is not convenient to go into an office in person, then the third option is to call the Social Security Administration. A representative there is able to take your application over the phone.

Regardless of the option that you choose, filing an application will be the first step. It will then need to be determined whether or not you qualify to receive SSDI. This means that you have accumulated enough credits over the years by paying into Social Security for a long enough period of time. The second thing that needs to be determined is if your physical or mental limitations qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Some of the things they look for in order to determine whether or not you qualify is if you are not working and have no activity that earns you $1,220 a month or more. If you are blind then this program allows you to earn a bit more. They will also want to see if you have a severe condition. This is not to determine financial need but rather to determine that your disability prevents you from working.

The disability will have to prevent you from being able to do the same or similar work as you have always done. It will also be necessary to show that there is no other work you could do that would allow you to earn a similar income. These are just some of the things that the examiner will look at when making an assessment on your claim.

For those that qualify, this program is tremendously helpful. It’s possible to start getting benefits within as little as five months. If you do qualify for SSDI then after 24 months you will also be eligible to receive medicare. This is an important benefit that helps give you health coverage.

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