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How To Make Social Security Disability Claims In Montana

Montana Disability Claim Advocates: If a resident of Montana finds themselves disabled then they may want to know if they are eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. It may also be possible that they could receive supplemental security income benefits if they can demonstrate financial need. These are both Federal programs for people who become disabled. Here we’ll take a look at how to make Social Security disability claims in Montana.

How Can Someone Initiate A Claim For Social Security Disability In Montana?

The only way to make a claim is by putting in an application and starting the process. This can be done one of three ways. Someone can complete an application online. It’s also possible to go into a local office in person and complete an application there. For those who are uncomfortable doing an application online and are not able to go into an office in person, then it is possible to call the Social Security Administration and a representative there can take an application over the phone.

Once someone has initiated an application and filed a claim for disability, then it will take a few months to be evaluated. The examiner will look at several points to determine whether or not someone qualifies. Unfortunately, in the state of Montana, only about 37% of those who apply are approved when they first make their claim. This means that the majority of those who feel they are entitled to benefits will have to go through a lengthy process.

Once the initial application is denied then the next step would be to file an application for reconsideration. This will then take another couple of months in most cases and the approval rates for this are very low. In the state of Montana, only about 18% of those who file for reconsideration are approved at this stage of the process. The most common reasons that an examiner gives for the denial of these applications is that they feel there is not enough medical evidence that the individual has a serious long-term disability.

Once someone has been denied on their first application and then they are also denied with their application for reconsideration, then there is one last step. It will be necessary to file for a hearing before a judge. This process can take up to 15 months. More people are approved at this stage than they are at either of the two previous stages. For that reason, it is definitely worth going through the entire process.

Do I Need An Advocate To Apply?

It is not a requirement that you have an attorney or an advocate to help you with the process. Even so, it can be very helpful and in some cases, it can improve the chance of approval. The reason is that a professional understands what the Social Security Administration is looking for and they can, therefore, help the person who is filing to get together everything that is needed to greatly improve the chances of getting approved.

Another reason that a professional advocate that specializes in this area is so advantageous is the fact that someone who has become disabled is already stressed. Having someone who knows what they’re doing help with the process considerably reduces the overall stress. Having a professional help makes it easier and increases your chances and is therefore recommended when it’s possible.

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