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Nebraska Disability Claim Advocates: If you reside in Nebraska and are significantly limited in your ability to work due to any physical or mental illness, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Every year in Nebraska thousands of new disability claims are submitted to the SSA for approval. Unfortunately, statistics show that about 70% of these claims are denied during the initial stage of the process which requires applicants to undergo an extensive disability appeals process in an attempt to obtain approval for the benefits they may be eligible for.

Once again, statistics show that more than 80% of these applicants were denied disability benefits during the first step of the process when the Request for Reconsideration was submitted. In order to obtain the benefits needed to support themselves and their families, applicants are forced to appear before an administrative law judge in the next step of appeals – the Social Security hearing. The outcome for the majority of disability claims are determined at the hearing level, however, if unsuccessful, other levels of appeal can be pursued including an appeals council and federal court review.

Social Security Disability Hearings

Fortunately, the majority of Social Security Disability hearings in Nebraska are decided in favor of the applicant at this stage of the proceedings with more than two thirds of applicants being granted the disability benefits they are entitled to. Unfortunately, in Nebraska, it can take anywhere between 321 to 630 days for an applicant to obtain a hearing and an additional two to three months after that to find out whether the appeal was successful or not. This means that, from the date of the initial application, most Nebraska Social Security Disability applicants can expect to wait more than two years before receiving their first payment from the SSA. The main reason for the long wait is the large backlog of Social Security Disability cases waiting to be handled at the offices in charge of scheduling hearings.

The area in Nebraska where you live will determine which ODAR (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review) will handle your case. (The ODAR is the agency in charge of managing the SSD hearings from applicants). The ODAR office responsible for managing the SSD disability hearings for Social Security Field Offices in Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk is situated in Omaha and at present, it takes an average of 630 days for a disability hearing to be scheduled.

Why You Need a GAR Disability Advocate

In order to avoid the possibility of waiting almost two years before being approved for disability benefits, especially when benefits are desperately needed in order to make ends meet, many Nebraska Social Security Disability applicants have found that obtaining the services of a Nebraska Social Security Disability Advocate qualified in disability claims and appeals procedures may help to circumvent the frustratingly long appeals process. A qualified disability professional will review your case and use their extensive experience and expertise to help you complete the initial disability application and attach the required documents like medical records to prove disability to the SSA. In the event that your claim is denied, a team of professionals will work with you to help increase your chances of a successful outcome at your appeal.

A Social Security Disability claims advocate can advise you on what to expect at a disability hearing and how to conduct yourself in front of an administrative law judge. The chances of obtaining a favorable decision in a Social Security Disability hearing have been proven statistically to be higher when proper representation has been obtained to prepare the case.

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