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Steps For Making Social Security Disability Claims In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Disability Claim Advocates: Every single year across the Nation there are a huge amount of Americans that file claims to receive disability benefits through Social Security. In New Hampshire alone over 40,000 people who live in the state currently get disability payments through the social security system. Many New Hampshire residents who are not yet receiving those benefits will apply for them this year. Here we’ll take a look at the steps for making Social Security disability claims in New Hampshire.

What Are The Chances Of Being Approved For These Benefits In New Hampshire?

Anyone living in New Hampshire and who needs to get disability payments through Social Security will be glad to know that it has one of the highest approval rates of any state in the country. Even so, there is over forty percent of those who apply that are denied on their initial application. If they are fortunate enough to have their application approved then the whole process takes only about 4 months.

If an applicant has their initial claim denied then they will need to file for reconsideration. In the state of New Hampshire once a claim is denied then the process begins by putting in a ‘Request for Reconsideration’. At this stage of the process, more than half of the reconsideration applications are denied. The process can be frustrating and disheartening. Even so, those who need to get these benefits should persevere.

Once the initial application has been denied and the application for reconsideration has also been denied then the applicant will need to request to have a hearing before a judge who has the authority to overturn the denial. This process can be quite lengthy and it may take over a year. The good news is that a full two-thirds of those who go this far will actually get it approved.

It may sound as though the process is difficult and that many people are turned down. The fact is, however, that because over half of applicants are approved when submitting a claim on their first application and then as many as two-thirds are approved when they go before a judge, it ultimately means that a substantial amount of those who try to get benefits are successful. This means that it is simply a matter of going through the process and not giving up.

Do I Need An Advocate?

It is quite possible to go through the process without an advocate, however, when someone can get the assistance of an advocate who specializes in this area of law, then it can be helpful. When someone is hurt and they have been out of work for a long time then the stress of having to go through a lengthy process can be challenging. Many people find that the challenge is greatly reduced when they get the assistance of an experienced advocate.

In many cases hiring a professional to help can increase the chances that the applicant will be approved for their claim. This also means that the applicant has professional help when preparing the application and at all stages of the process. The advocate will also know what type of evidence is required and this can be quite helpful so that when the application is presented the first time, it has the best chance of being approved.

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