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Filing Social Security Disability Claims In North Carolina

North Carolina Disability Claim Advocates: When you file for social security disability in North Carolina, you will be working with a state agency. With this being the case, it is important to know more about the process, fees, and approval rates. This will help you navigate the process and ensure that your claim has the best chance of success.

Filing Your Application

When you file for social security disability in North Carolina, you will work through the North Carolina’s Disability Determination Services. This is a state agency, but the benefit you apply for is a federal one. The agency will approve or reject your application, but it does approve fewer applications than the national average.

If your application is denied by this agency, you will have the chance to appeal. The first step in your appeal is to contact the agency and file a request for reconsideration. If your request is denied a second time, you can request a hearing. Judges in North Carolina will be able to overturn the decision made by this agency.

The Cost Of Getting Medical Records

When you file an application for social security disability, you need to include medical records. Unlike other states, you will have to pay a fee for these records in North Carolina. Fortunately, the state has placed a cap on the amount you can be charged.

The amount you are charged will depend on the length of the report you get. Medical providers will only be able to charge $0.75 for the first 25 pages and $0.50 for pages 26 to 100. A charge of $0.25 can be charged for each page over 100.

If you need a doctor to review your medical records and provide a short description of your condition and treatment, you will need to pay a fee. This fee has also been set to a reasonable amount. This means that there is no set amount that can be charged, but it has to be reasonable for the work being done.

The Approval Statistics

When working with the state agency, the approval rate for applications is below the national average. Initial applications have an approval rate of 29% which is below the national average of 35%. The reconsideration review approval rate is also below the national average at 11% compared to 13%.

Once you reach the appeal hearing, the approval rating does become better and is well over the national average. In North Carolina, the approval rating at this stage is 61% and the national average is 45%. You will need to wait 18 months on average in the state for the hearing which is on par with the national average.

When you file for disability in North Carolina, your initial application will be handled by a state agency. This agency will also handle the reconsideration review, but the appeal hearing is conducted by an Administrative law judge. While you do have to pay for your medical records, there are limits on the amount you can be charged. A review of your records by a doctor will also be limited to a reasonable fee.

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