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Ohio Disability Claim Advocates: According to a recent report by NewsMax, a record number of workers have received Social Security disability benefits in December. In November the number was 8.80 million and in December this number was surpassed by a small margin. The number of recipients rose to a staggering 8.82 million.

The total number of people receiving Social Security benefits jumped to 56.75 billion in the month of December. This number includes retired people, their dependent family members, and survivors as well as the disabled and their dependents. There was a total of $773.2 billion in benefits paid out according to the Social Security Administration.

These numbers are staggering and it is scary to people who depend on these funds when we are constantly hearing things about the “fiscal cliff” and the possibility of losing the benefits that some have even worked their entire lives to earn. While the overall numbers are quite large, the individual benefits do not seem to extend so far. Many recipients talk about how hard it is to live on the limited income that they receive monthly and having to budget for certain things. There are even stories about having to choose whether food or medication is more important for that particular month.

The future of the program may be unsure but you can also use the assistance of other programs that may be available in your area. These programs include energy assistance, food assistance, and even housing assistance. Eligibility for these programs is often dictated by family size and the amount of income that is earned within the household.

If you are thinking about filing a claim for disability, you need to contact an empathetic and experienced Ohio Social Security advocate to help you. You do not have to wait until you have had a claim denied. Your advocate can assist you with the initial application and on through the entire process.

One of the many misconceptions about filing for disability benefits is that an Ohio disability advisor will not be able to assist you with the initial paperwork. While having an attorney help with the initial paperwork is not a guarantee that your claim will be approved the first go around, it certainly will not hurt your case.

If your initial claim is denied, your advisor will be alerted and you will have the opportunity to file a request for a hearing. When these additional steps need to be taken, it helps if the advocate is already familiar with your case. They don’t have to deal with any mistakes that may have been made in the initial paperwork that was filed in your case.

Make sure that you tell your lawyer about all of the medical problems you have so they can be included in the claim. You don’t have to concentrate on just one ailment. In fact, if you have multiple ailments, it can work in your favor. If the decision is made that one ailment is not debilitating enough to keep you from working, it is completely feasible that having multiple medical issues can compound your inability to make a living.

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