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How to Apply For Social Security Disability Claims In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Disability Claim Advocates: There are almost 374,000 residents in Pennsylvania receiving disability benefits every month from the Social Security Administration. Are you planning to apply for such benefits soon? If yes, you need to know some of its terms and conditions regarding who can apply for these benefits.

• Anyone who is eighteen or older.

• Those who are not receiving any other monthly benefits using their Social Security record.

• You can’t work at all because of different medical conditions that will continue to last for a minimum of 12 months or may even result in death.

• If your application was not denied 60 days prior to your current application date. Those who have applied previously can request to review their application again.

It is best to apply online as you don’t have to run around in the Social Security Administration office or speak to someone over the phone. Also, the online application process is faster. Once you send out the application, the Disability Determination Section reviews it thoroughly. You will also get a call from one of the Social Security representatives if they require any additional information for your application.

Applying for benefits

If you are applying online, make sure you print and review all the requirements mentioned in the Adult Disability Checklist. The Pennsylvania Social Security Administration has stringent rules when it comes to providing Social Security Disability benefits. It helps you understand your medical condition that is ideal to claim such offers. In fact, it makes the online application process a lot easier. It has all the details of the medical records they need, which you can attach along with the application.

Information about you

Apart from your medical records, you also need to provide a few personal details.

• Specify, with proof, your place, and date of birth.
• Provide your Social Security number.
• The name, date of birth, and Social Security number of your spouse. If you are divorced or separated, you need to provide your ex’s details as well. The application also asks for the date of marriage and wedding venue and divorce or death date.
• Details of your children like names and date of birth.
• Your bank account number and Routing Transit Number. This is applicable if you want your benefits transferred electronically.

Information about medical condition

• An emergency contact person, his/her phone number, and address so that a disability evaluation specialist can verify your medical conditions.
• All the details of your injuries and medical illness, including:
– Names, phone numbers, addresses, patient ID numbers, and appointment dates with doctors, clinics, and hospitals.
– Names of all the medicines you are taking now and the name of the doctor who prescribed them.
– Names of all the medical tests you had and the doctor that recommended them. Also, specify the dates of those medical tests.

If you manage to furnish all the records correctly, the Social Security Administration will review your claim to see if you are eligible. You will get a written letter in a few weeks regarding the acceptance or denial of your application.

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