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Filing Social Security Disability Claims In Rhode Island

Rhode Island Disability Claim Advocates: If you are filing a social security claim in Rhode Island, you need to know more about the process and approval rates. The process is generally the same as in other states, but there are payment differences. It is important that you have all the information before you start your claim to ensure the best chance of approval.

The Approval Statistics

When compared to the national average, applicants in Rhode Island will have a higher chance of being awarded disability. This is true across the initial stage, reconsideration stage and hearing stage. The wait times for appeal hearings is also shorter than the national average at 11 months. Wait times for hearings are important because the longer you have to wait the longer it takes to get a decision on your case.

Looking at the initial approval rate, Rhode Island will approve 38% of applications compared to the national average of 35%. The reconsideration approval is 14% compared to the national 13%. Hearing approvals are 50% compared to the national average of 46% and you will wait only 11 months for this compared to 18 months.

Free Medical Records

In many states, you will have to pay to get medical records for your social security disability claim or appeal. This is not the case in Rhode Island. Health care professionals are not legally allowed to charge a fee for these records if you are using them to support your disability claim.

To get your medical records, you will have to request a copy in writing. If you are unable to do this yourself, an authorized person can make the request for you. All disability claims must have medical documentation to support them.

Temporary Disability Benefits

When applying for standard social security disability, one of the requirements is that your disability has kept you or will keep you from working for at least 1 year. The problem is that not all people meet this requirement and, in most cases, will not get disability. In Rhode Island, these people have the option of applying for temporary disability benefits.

This will provide 30 weeks of short-term disability benefits. The official name of this program is temporary disability insurance. To qualify for this benefit, your healthcare provider will need to certify that you are unable to work because of your disability. During the period of your temporary claim, you will receive 4.62% of your usual wages, but there are minimum and maximum payments.

Hiring A Disability Claim Advocate

If you are filing a social security disability claim in Rhode Island, it is recommended that you hire a lawyer to represent you. While this is not compulsory, it can improve the chances of your application being approved. The disability advocates will also be able to determine which documents you need and whether you are eligible for full disability benefits or temporary disability benefits only.

Rhode Island does have a higher approval rate for disability claims and a shorter waiting time for hearings. The overall process of filing a claim will be similar to other states. One of the differences is the fact that Rhode Island offers temporary disability benefits as well.

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