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Facts About Social Security Disability Claims In Virginia

Virginia Disability Claim Advocates: The state of Virginia has the DDS which works with SSA as well as Social Services to determine who is approved or disapproved for claims of disability. This would include claims with Social Security, Supplemental security, and Medicaid. DDS has made a commitment to making decisions about disability as promptly as possible while following all required federal regulations. Here we’ll take a look at some facts about social security disability claims in Virginia.

How Is A Decision About Disability Determined In Virginia?

Decisions are made by a team that includes a psychologist as well as a physician and other analysts that look at all the available evidence and formulate a decision. It is possible to complete an application for disability benefits online rather than going into the office. It is also possible to schedule an appointment by phone or in person.

You may be able to qualify for benefits in the state of Virginia if it is decided that you meet the medical and non-medical requirements of disability with Social Security. SSI has different requirements than other programs such as workman’s compensation or long-term disability, and it will, therefore, mean that each individual has to meet the specific requirements that are set forth by the SSA. There are a few major requirements that must be met.

Someone must have a documented issue that causes a significant interruption in their normal activities. This interruption in their daily activities needs to impact their ability to work. It also has to be something that is a problem for at least one year. Disability is awarded to those who are not able to work or greatly limited at the work they can do. The reason they are applying for disability must mean that it is preventing them from working and earning an income.

What Is The Likelihood That I Would Get Disability Approved?

In the state of Virginia, a claim is only approved a little more than one-third of the time. This means that almost two-thirds of the time those who file for disability in Virginia are denied. If this happens then it is necessary to request that your disability claim be reconsidered. When this happens it will still go to DDS but it will be given to a different examiner.

Because the application will be reviewed using the same guidelines and rules it is still highly likely that a claim will be denied when being reconsidered. Only about 14% of appeals are approved in Virginia. This means that more than 85% are denied.

Ask For A Disability Hearing

If your original application was denied and your reconsideration filing was also denied, then you can appeal those decisions and ask for and administrative law review. This is a hearing by Social Security disability. With the approval percentage being so low in the state of Virginia you might conclude that it wouldn’t be worth it but actually, at this stage, the approval rate in the state is about 60%. This means that you have a better than 50/50 chance of having the claim approved.

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