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Filing Social Security Disability Claims In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Disability Claim Advocates: Anyone who lives in Wisconsin will be glad to know that they have a better chance of being approved for disability through Social Security than those in many other states throughout the country. Anyone living in Wisconsin who has lost the ability to work for at least one year might be eligible for disability through Social Security or through SSI. Here we’ll take a look at filing Social Security disability claims in Wisconsin.

How Do You File A Claim To Get Disability With Social Security In Wisconsin?

The Social Security Administration is in charge of approving benefits for Social Security disability as well as for benefits provided through SSI which is Supplemental Security Income. You can search online for SSA ‘office locator’ to find the nearest office to your location in the state. It’s also possible to put in your application online.

It usually takes a few months before you will get a decision on whether or not your claim has been approved or denied. This is usually up to four months and sometimes longer. If your claim is denied that is not the end of the story as you can appeal that decision.

How Do You Appeal A Disability Claim Denial In Wisconsin?

Even though there is a better chance of being approved in the state of Wisconsin than in many other states throughout the country, there is still a high likelihood that the initial claim will be denied. The most usual reason that a disability claim is denied is that the evaluator feels the medical evidence provided was insufficient. They need to have evidence that proves there is a disability that is serious and long-term.

Once you get back the notification that the claim has been denied you will then want to file for reconsideration. The claim will then be reviewed by a different examiner rather than being looked at again by the same one who has already denied your claim. The first filing likely took up to four months and this one will likely be made in two or three months time.

Filing the claim and then filing a reconsideration is all part of the system. The fact is that a significant percentage of those who file these claims will find that they are denied. Even so, someone who is disabled needs to be persistent. If they find that their request for reconsideration is also denied, then there is still another step.

It is possible to ask for a hearing when the original claim and the reconsideration claims have both been denied. This will take your situation before a judge. It is unfortunate but this process can be quite lengthy. In Wisconsin on average a hearing will take about 16 months. Once the hearing arrives you will have the chance to speak in person and directly to the judge. They will ask you a number of questions and there may be expert witnesses that are available to give their opinions.

Once your case has been heard before the judge then it will typically take one month to get a decision. It is worth going through the entire process all the way to having your case heard before the judge. The percentages of those who are approved at this stage are considerably higher than they are with the first two stages of this process. It is always advisable, when it is possible, that you get the assistance of an advocate who specializes in this disability claims to assist you in going through the process.

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