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City and State Pensions

City and State Pension Disability Benefits

GAR Disability Advocates can help you obtain City, State, and Disability Pension benefits. One of the benefits of Civil Service Employment is the availability of disability pensions for workers who become disabled from their own job, due to an injury or sickness. There are various types of disability pensions available to disabled workers, depending upon an employee’s length of service (Tier), the manner in which the disability occurred, and the type of employment engaged in. Each benefit has different proof requirements and filing deadlines.

Michael Kalmus, General Counsel of GAR Disability Advocates has successfully handled hundreds of claims before various City and State Employees’ Retirement Systems. Mr. Kalmus and his team will educate you about the benefit obtainment process as well as explain to you the type of information the City and State Retirement Systems require. Additionally, GAR Disability is qualified to represent clients at administrative hearings, appeals, and court proceedings.

If you are considering applying for a Civil Service disability pension, or if you have already applied and were denied, please contact GAR Disability Advocates toll free at 855-658-6125 or