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Benefits Calculator

Benefits Calculator

The Social Security Administration provides calculators to help you figure the amount of disability benefit you qualify for. You can use their disability benefits calculators to estimate your potential benefit amounts. You can use different retirement dates, or different levels of potential future earnings. These calculators show your retirement benefits as well as disability and survivor benefits available to you if you were to suffer a disability.

Choose the Right Benefit Calculator

The Social Security Administration provides the Quick and Online benefit calculators which can be used directly over the internet. Benefit Calculators for Macintosh users are available, such as the Online Calculator.

You can download the macintosh Detailed Benefits Calculator directly from the social security website.

The SSA also offers a detailed benefits calculator you can download from the Social Security website. The Detailed Calculator has other important links, such as:

Obtaining Your Social Security Records

You might need to obtain your Social Security Statement in order to use the Social Security Disability Benefits Calculator. If you already have your Social Security Statement with your earnings you can begin using the disability benefit calculator.

Estimating Benefits

Estimating your disability benefits can be very difficult, and disability calculator estimates can end up being very different from the actual benefits you receive. It’s important to note the benefit calculators are not official estimates, they simply use the amounts you enter, and therefore are only as accurate as the information you enter.

If you need a benefit estimate on someone else’s record, such as your spouse or parent call our toll-free number.