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Do I Need Representation?

Do I Need Representation?

The Social Security Administration does not require that you have an advocate or representative. Having an advocate on your side is, however, affordable and recommended. With an expert working on your behalf, you will have an advantage at every stage of the process.

Benefits of Social Security Disability Representation

For many applicants, it can take two to four years to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Therefore, it has never been more important to have GAR Disability Advocates on your side. We provide Social Security Disability representation throughout the entire process, ensuring that all paperwork is completed accurately and submitted on time. Since we are adept at meeting deadlines and avoiding unnecessary delays, you can trust that we will be able to help preserve or improve your financial well-being.

Representation at Hearings

MANY of our clients do not have to attend a hearing with an ALJ. If, however, your case requires you to attend a hearing, we will assign your case to an experienced advocate in your region to attend the hearing with you and provide exceptional representation. All you have to do is testify truthfully about your disability and inability to work.

Experience that Matters

Our experienced advocates have helped thousands of people receive disability benefits each year. We are knowledgeable about virtually all disabling conditions, so your advocate will know how to present your case against strict disability standards.

Contingency-Based Fees

We are committed to your needs and only get paid if we are successful in getting you benefits. There are no hidden fees or expenses, so if you are not APPROVED, you will not pay a dime. If you are awarded SSDI benefits, we are paid FROM your past-due benefits. This payment is capped by the Social Security Administration and is discussed openly with you prior to filing your application.