Good morning Carmen thank you so much for helping my sister I really appreciate it thank you again may God bless you

– Alecia R.

Hi Dana, I received a call today from the SSA regarding my claim and appeal. The judge ruled in favor and I will be receiving back pay for both disability and SSI. Wow! They did not tell me the amounts yet as they are working out those details. Get ready girl. I'm going to be planning a trip to the east coast after June 15th! Let me know what restaurant you would like to go to have a great meal and celebrate. Thank you for all your hard work and support. We did it!

– Shelli K.

Muchísimas Gracias por toda su ayuda sinceramente se lo agradesco de corazón y le deseo lo mejor se lo merece y mil gracias por ayudarme en mi caso Gracias.

– Monica

I finally received the travel voucher and my SSD funds. It seemed like a long time but it’s a blessing to have it before Christmas. I have 5 adult sons and 14 grandchildren. Thanking God that I’ll be able to pay some overdue bills and buy each of my grandchildren a gift. I appreciate your help in this long process. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

– Respectfully yours, Amanda Creque

I just received the decision letter by the judge and he found me to be fully favorable from April 2016. Now he sent the decision to the other department that does the award amounts, etc. It is said to take up to 60 days but I am hoping for sooner rather than later. Thank you all for your help and support in this matter. Blessings from our Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom all blessings are bestowed.

– David Lee, Christiansburg, VA

I'm very impressed of the actions Jorge Hernandez of handling my case. The Gar disability has made my venture of getting my benefits. It was a long road but from the services that has been applied to my case made such a smooth sailing and very beneficial. I would recommend The Gar Disability to all my family and friends if ever in need. I would like to say thank you for your services for all of your help.

– Jorge

I loved that the GAR helped me win my case. I will let friends and family know about the GAR. The best.

– Petrice C.

I want to thank you for your hard work with my Social Security Disability claim. I have been referring folks to GAR Associates for their claims. My wife, who is a medical provider, also refers patients to GAR.

– Mark S.

I am always reassured by you whenever I talk with you that my case is being handled in the best possible way it can be…I am confident that, because of your diligence and thoroughness, my case will come to a positive conclusion…

– Arlene C.

Applying for Social Security Disability on your own is a challenging and frustrating process. Having GAR Advocates represent me in this process was the best decision I could make. They assisted me on every aspect of the process and made the necessary appointments to all the doctors I had to see. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome on my case. Thank you Cindy Olson!

– Elmer D.

May my God truly bless you for helping my family and I the way you do.

– Walki A.

I have been a client of GAR since 2013 and recently received my notice of award. Now that this ordeal is over, I would like to acknowledge case manager Marsha Butler for whom I relied on heavily. She not only gave me updates on my case she gave me a sense of having someone looking out for my best interest. It is due to her professionalism, efficiency and kindness these past three years that has made all the difference. She has made an extremely difficult situation bearable and for that I will always be grateful.

– Kathleen W.

Hello, I’m sure you already know you already aware, but everything went well and I just want to say thank you.

– LeeVellal M.

Hello, I am not calling for myself. I’m calling on behalf of a family member. Mr. Ricky Stern represented me in my application for SSDI. As you well know, applying for SSDI is difficult and frustrating. With Mr. Stern’s assistance, I was awarded SSDI. This has immensely helped me and the quality of my life. I have no idea if I can contact him or GAR based on Social Security regulations.

My 56 year old cousin suffers from COPD along with depression. But the COPD has completely disabled her. Nancy is unable to do anything. She sits in a chair and cannot do much of anything. She is paralyzed by COPD – dependent on inhalers and oxygen. Nancy has applied for SSDI and has been rejected – the usual response from Social Security. When I learned of her very serious condition, I couldn’t believe she was not awarded benefits. Nancy and family were under the impression she needed an attorney. Without money, this was impossible. I informed her family an attorney wasn’t the only answer. I explained my experience with GAR, the steps involved and how Social Security works. Example, if awarded SSDI, there is a 6 month waiting period before one receives benefits, a lump sum awarded based on the date one is considered disabled and the 25 percent paid to the advocacy representative which is well worth it.

I am seeking your advice and/or assistance for my cousin. She is a MASS resident . Before hospitalization for COPD and the aftermath, Nancy worked as an RN for many years in a Supervisory position.

Would you kindly contact me concerning my cousin. If her case is something you cannot take on, could you please make a recommendation. I ask that you contact me, if possibly since my family has a lack of knowledge on this subject. After explaining how an advocate works, they still didn’t quite understand the process.

I thank you for your help with my case and any assistance you can provide for my cousin.

– Kathleen Anne B.

Thank you so much for helping me get awarded my disability you have been really helpful. I am so glad I was approved this time I will refer you to others.

– Paula C.

I have been informed of my retro active compensation for my Social Security Disability and my monthly SSD Payment. Thank you, for your assistance in this matter.

– Bill K.

Good Morning Dana,
I’ve just shared this letter and went over it with my son Hunter to make sure he understands it all.
Thanks so much for the follow up with us.
Hope you enjoy your day.
Best Regards,
Lisa J.
Mother of Scott Hunter Smith II

Chris said he was going to call you and fill you in but I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your help, Chris and I really do appreciate all you have done.
Again, Thank you.

– Bonnie L.

I really want to thank you and Rick for all l you done for me. whaw it was trying time …THAT DAY…. I’m proud of both of you for supporting me and help me threw this. Best Wishes to both of you.

– Harriet M.


Thank you for your call. You did an excellent job in explaining all to me on how it will go and I appreciate this. I know youve got alot going there so Ill stay on stanby here for a couple of months until they decide on the hearing. Thank you very much,


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